Streamlined Server Architecture

In order to meet the demands of growing user base and increased amount of API calls, we have been working over the clock to improve the server architecture. 

We have finished deploying a major upgrade that should yield faster conversions, more reliable API access, rapid failover in case of an issue and better autoscaling during peak times.

All updates are backward compatible and there is no requirement for an API version bump, if you are using version 5 or 6 of either API, you will automatically benefit from the changes.

Plan Overages and New Plans

We have released a super cool feature for users who frequently run out of quota at the end of the month. 🎉

Your API calls will not fail after your hit your quota and you will continue to use our service at a pre-defined rate based on your plan.

New users will have this feature enabled by default. Current users who want to enable this feature have to navigate to Subscription Plan page under console.

We highly recommend you to upgrade your plan if your usage is much higher than your plan's quota since bigger plans have a lower cost per API call. This feature is useful if your usage is slightly exceeding your quota and you don't want to upgrade your plan.

Moreover, we have a brand new 100k plan for both HTML to PDF API and Screenshot API due to high demand..

Custom Filenames

We just added custom filenames support to the API. In order to save your files with a specified filename, you can now pass a filename=xx.png parameter. If you also set json=true, that will return a CDN path ending with your requested filename. Otherwise, we will add a content-disposition header to ensure that client browsers do download the file with the filename that you provide.

JPEG Rendering Optimizations

If you are requesting jpeg images you will now receive higher quality images without any noticable file size increase. This also reflects on capture performance so in order to decrease file sizes while maintaining quality, we suggest using jpeg instead on png.

Delay Option Improvements

We have made several improvements to delay option and the order which we apply the delay.

Delay is now applied after all javascript / css injection jobs are completed and several jobs causing implicit delays (such as prescrolling page to render lazy assets) are merged together so their delays will not stack together.

Wait mode: dom

It is now possible to pass wait=dom parameter in order to wait for domready event before render. The default is wait=load which waits for window.onload event.

This way you can create faster captures and handle such sites where loading hangs or takes a lot of time.

Faster API Calls

We have deployed a new capturing architecture which improves our capturing performance 30% in average. These changes have been made available to all users without any modifications required on your side.

New Service IP Addresses

In order to provide a better and uninterrupted service, we will be adding more servers to our Screenshot API. If you need to whitelist our capture servers please use the following IP addresses: