API Version 6

A new major release is now available on both our HTML to PDF and Screenshot APIs. The new release is backwards compatible so we urge our users to simply replace their version to v6 from now on.


  • width and height parameters on the HTML to PDF API, it is now not necessary. Simply use the pdf_page or pdf_[width|height] parameters for page size customization.PDF page and viewport sizes are now automatically calculated by the API. If you used to set 
  • General performance of the API has been improved in 20% range.

New Features

  • HTML to PDF API now accepts a pdf_author parameter to customize the author metadata of resulting PDF document.pdf_author
  • Now you can choose which pages to be included in your final PDF document. This parameter can contain a single page number or a range in 3-4 format.pdf_page_ranges
  • grayscale: Both APIs can create grayscale documents using grayscale=true parameter now.
  • pdf_encryption: The HTML to PDF API can now generate encrypted PDF documents. The pdf_encryption parameter can either be 40 or 128 which sets the encryption key length. 40 bit encryption will be more compatible while 128 bit files will be more secure. The encrypted file can have a user and/or owner password and also can be customized with several restrictions. Please refer to our docs for further details.