API Version 5

We have released a major new release on the rendering engine for HTML to PDF API and Screenshot API. It is mostly backwards compatible.

New Features

  • privacy** parameter**: If you set privacy=true on your calls. This ensured that we will not store the resulting document or any immediate render for caching or future use. The captured document will be streamed directly to you and will be discarded. Note that this parameter is not compatible with as that requires us to save and host the resulting document.
  • cache_ttl** parameter**: The new API has caching disabled by default. We have removed the fresh parameter from the earlier versions. Not every call returns a fresh capture. If you wish to cache documents for repeated calls, please set cache_ttl to maximum number of seconds you wish to cache your resulting documents.


The new API is faster and more reliable due to architectural changes. In order to minimize the call latency, we made several changes to our pipeline and you should see the results on your API calls.


In order to switch to the new version, you can simply change your API call url to https://restpack.io/api/html2pdf/v5/convert. If you do not need caching, there would be no more changes required.